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More complaints about Renovation Contractors

More complaints about Renovation Contractors

Here is repost about the errant renovation contractors from SGPropTalk. However, I do not think that the errant renovation has risen due to the poorer quality etc. But rather, the onslaught of the BTOs, ECs and Condos are too fast too many for the renovation companies and contractors to handle. Coupled with the labour crunch, it is inevitable that the standards of the industry dropped.
"Gripes about errant renovation contractors have risen in recent years, despite efforts to boost professionalism in the trade.
The number of complaints against home renovation contractors climbed to 1,779 last years, figures form CASE showed. This is a 16% increase from the year before and a 35.5% jump from 2010.

Industry observers linked the rising trend to poorly-qualified interior designers and contractors who rush work, leading to subpar quality. They noted that there are few barriers of entry for interior designers and sub-contractors to enter the industry.

Another issue are the limitations faced by sub-contractors. Labour shortages have made it hard for them to hire skilled workers, so many contractors just “grab” whoever they can get, even if they are substandard.

Industry players say there is no official licensing requirement for home renovation contractors or sub-contractors. But members of the Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) have to abide by the Singapore Renovation and Decoration Code of Practice. CASE also has 21 renovation contractors accredited under its CaseTrust scheme.

Mr James Ho, 43, an electrician said whether one lands a good sub-contractor depends on luck as they are many who are not experienced enough.

But Mr Tan Chim Hoon, chairman of the RCMA, begged to differ. Estimating that only 20% of the complaints are legitimate, he said customers these days often demand more than what was initially agreed upon. "And when it cannot be done, they don’t want to pay you and they complaint." (sic)

To curb unreasonable requests from customers, Mr Tan said he is in discussions with CASE to work out an arrangement such that when a complaint is received, the RCMA, together with the contractor and the client, will visit the home to assess who is at fault and make recommendations. He hopes to implement it by this year."


Hiding in Plain Sight: Secrets Inside of Everyday Objects

I am working on a new project and during my research, I discovered this very interesting post: Hiding in Plain Sight.

Image from weburbanist

I love the idea of hiding everyday things and stashing 'erm away since I really really *hate* visual clutter. This great video will make you rethink on ways to maximise the little forgotten nooks...and a second thought...this might be how a typical 007 agent hides his stuffs!  


Victorian Furniture

Victorian Furniture

I have this fetish for Victorian Furniture since young.

They have somehow crept into my subconsciousness when I started to read fashion magazines.

Somehow, I associate them with class and romance. Really, just look at those those intricate curves...the fabric, material, and oh my...the colors!

But Mr Diva never liked them. :(

Perhaps, presence of such furniture emasculate a man. :)

Nonetheless this has not stopped me from scouting for these furniture in Singapore.

If you are hunting for Victorian Furniture, look no further!
Here are some stores which you can find in Singapore. Click on the header to access their website!

Paris Home

The home page says it all: Singapore 1st fully online furniture store which carries a wide variety of French, Victorian, Modern, Baroque and so on furniture. Do note that they are formally know as Couture Furniture.

What I love:

They have a huge collection of photos! What makes online shopping a breeze! They offer customization and prices are listed down for easy comparison.

What could be better:
I am not sure if the photos are from various magazines or they are the actual products which the company carry. However, they do have a past creation corner. In addition, the description could be better and include the materials used and more dimensions.


(Public holidays, please call for appointment)
Opens daily 12.30pm - 8pm
Close on Mondays & Thursdays

14 Frankel Terrace
Singapore 458019

Tel: +65 6748 8740
Mobile: +65 9722 7857

De Style Victorien

What I love:
Nice clean layout of the site, with ample photos. Wide category of furniture to choose from too.

What could be better:
I am not sure if customization is allowed. No prices are stated.


Victorian Style Pte Ltd

22 Mar Thoma Rd #01-03, Singapore 328702
+65 92398958

Manhattan Collection

What I love:
They carry home furnishings like mirrors and lamps too. You can opt for 0% interest free payment when you use UOB credit card.

What could be better:
The product catalog seem pretty limited and no prices are stated. I guess we have to go to the actual store to take a look at what they offer.

16 Lavender Street #01-01 Pek Chuan Building Singapore 338730
Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm Daily
Tel: 68363738
sms: 9139970

Lee and Lee Lifestyle Living

What I love:
They carry an extensive range of products and have their own online catalog.

What could be better:
No price list! We have to go to the actual store to take a look at what they offer.

47 Kallang Pudding Road #08-12 Crescent@Kallang
Singapore 349318
Tel/Fax: 6604 6533

Noble Creation

What I love:
Humm...I am not sure.

What could be better:
A product catalog with prices will definitely helpful . I guess we have to go to the actual store to take a look at what they offer.


48 mactaggart road #08-04
MAE Industrial Building

Paradigm of a "livable" Home

 Image from dornob

"When it comes to interior furniture furnishing, it is no longer just about color and aesthetics. It is about creating a personal intimate space which enhances our quality of life. 

It is about a Home which ultimately brings out the best in us.

It is about moving away from whatever perceived norms or space constraints which were placed upon us."

As I noticed the growing popularity of small size apartment which has steadily taking hold in Singapore recently, this thought suddenly came to mind. 

The steady downward march of the home sizes is fueled by the pressure on the developers to keep the quantum of the property purchase affordable. This is so far the most effective means of coping with rising home prices.

However, a smaller unit size certainly certainly poses a big challenge for homeowners like us. Many of us might have veered clear of smaller units due to the misconception that smaller units are simply "not-livable"

Nonetheless, I realized that all we need is a subtle shift in our paradigm of a "livable" home.

Just take a look at this video.

Are you amazed at how one can really maximize the use of very limited space?

In order to utilize our space effectively, we have to start to think in terms of multi-dimensional space; a space can function for different purposes at approporate juncture.

Apart from this, we have to think of muli-functional furniture pieces too; furniture which pulls double or triple duty to suit the homeowner's needs and purposes.

Image from designrulz. Multiplo modular furniture can be a bed, table, sitting room and much more.

Image from bharatdreamhome. The bed can be tucked away when not in use.

Interestingly, there was an initiative from a developer, to showcase that size doesn't matter when a home has been correctly furnished. The pilot involves a family of 3 and the family would feedback to the developer during the trial stay.

Free concept condo trial showcases small space

I would love to findout the outcome of the trial but so far, I am unable to find any more news on this. 

My Home Grand Furniture and Reno Spring Expo 2014

My Home Spring 2014 is one of Singapore’s biggest home fairs with more than 100 exhibitors and thousands of furniture and furnishing items on display. Exhibits include the latest in furniture to creative furnishing items, branded mattresses to designer interior d├ęcor, as well as high quality renovation and artistic decoration ideas. There will be many attractive programmes, gifts and prizes in store for all visitors. Exciting photo opportunities will be awaiting all visitors at the beautifully decorated exhibition hall.

For more details, visit

Such exhibitions are excellent places to source for furniture and furnishings for your dream home, but do not succumb to some pressure tactics of the salesmen and to purchase on the spot. Take your time to consider and also conduct a background check on the Company to make sure that the Company has a good standing and track record before making any commitment.

Make this event down in your calendar! Details of the exhibition is below! :)

Note: Do not succumb to sales pressure tactics!

Exhibition Content: Furniture & Interiors

Location: Singapore Expo, Hall 7
Time: 12 noon to 10 pm
Date: 22 Feb to  2 Mar 2014
Cost: Free Admission, open to Public
Refer to here for directions and accessibility.